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Rail Road Flat, CA 95248
Today's Conditions and Extremes
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As of DATE: October 21 2020 at 12:18 PM

Current Conditions

Daily Hi Low

Last 5 Days Solar

Comfort Level
Temperature Current: 80.8°F
at 7:11 AM

( +2.4 °F/last hr ) Max: 80.8°F
at 12:16 PM

Wind Current: 3.8 mph
195 ° ( SSW )

Average Max 5.9 mph
at 12:03 PM

Gusts Max 9.2 mph
at 11:26 AM

Rain Today: 0.00 in.

0.000 in.

This month:
0.000 in.

This year:
0.050 in.

Days without:

Barometer Current: 29.793 in.
29.766 in.
at 4:38 AM

( -0.016in./hr )
Max: 29.811 in.
at 9:52 AM


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Wind Direction

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